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Zenith VC
Investing in bold visionaries


Zenith VC is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in the Nordic tech scene striving for diversity. They are forward-leaning professionals backed by experienced company-builders with a strong track record, partnering with entrepreneurs in early stage – Investing in bold visionaries.


The main challange was to capture the essence of Zenith VC's values and approach and convey their commitment to diversity, innovation, and partnership, while also resonating with both entrepreneurs seeking investment and potential co-investors. The design needed to break away from the conventional visual language prevalent in the venture capital sector, opting for a more bold, expressive, and playful aesthetic that would align with Zenith VC's forward-leaning philosophy.


The result is a bold and dynamic visual expression with great attention to detail that encapsulates Zenith VC's core values while defying the conventions of the VC industry. The design captures attention, fostering connections with entrepreneurs and co-investors alike, and establishes Zenith VC as a powerful force for innovation and positive change in the Nordic tech scene.


The website continues the narrative of boldness. A simple yet dynamic layout with powerful typography and interactive elements was developed to engage visitors and create an immediate sense of the firm's distinctiveness.

Zenith VC mobile web screens
Zenith VC mobile website on iPhone
Zenith VC website on iPad

Visual identity

Bold typography at large scale was used to create an expressive and playful visual impact and move Zenith VC away from the typical corporate and conservative aesthetics of VC firms.

Zenith VC typography
Lylli Visual Identity Case Interface 3
Zenith VC typography characters
Zenith VC sign
Zenith VC gradient

Color palette

Neutral colors paired with bold blues and energetic greens was chosen to symbolize innovation and dynamism.


We worked together with photographer Nadia Endler to create authentic and welcoming imagery.

Photo of the Zenith VC team
Photo of the Zenith VC office, a sofa and plants
Photo of the Zenith VC office
Photo of the Zenith VC office, kitchen
Zenith VC team member photos
Zenith VC team member
Zenith VC team portraits

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