In your home. 24/7 specialist care.
Led by medical personnel – powered by technology.

The future of


Medoma is a Swedish virtual ward company that offer patients acute hospital care in their home instead of in the hospital. With a "patient-first" mindset, Medoma has set out to improve the way acute healthcare is conducted.


Introducing a modern tech-driven medicine home care solution revolutionizes the way healthcare is delivered. The challenge for us was how to keep the brand feel techy but with a personal look and feel.


By using a colorful palette togehter with authentic photography and a digital modern typeface we strived to maintain a personal touch, ensuring patients feel supported and cared for throughout their healthcare journey.

Site and product

Through personalized care plans and tailored communication, patients receive individualized attention that addresses their unique needs.

Medoma Visual Identity Case Devices
Medoma Visual Identity Case Logotype
Medoma Visual Identity Case Font

Logotype concept

The logotype embodies the essence of compassionate and holistic healthcare delivered within the comfort of one's own home.


Designed in Figma,
developed in Webflow.

Medoma Visual Identity Case Photography
Medoma Visual Identity Case iPhone
Medoma Visual Identity Case Graphics Grid
Medoma Visual Identity Case Photography 3

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