A brand identity that resonates with customers and helps to build a strong and loyal customer base

Introducing  the all-new Brand


Mynt is a digital payment and financial services company that provides a range of solutions for businesses and consumers. Their main product is a mobile payment app that allows users to transfer money, pay bills, and make purchases online and in-store. They also offer a range of other services, including e-invoicing, cash management, and online merchant services.


One of the biggest challenges for a financial services company is building trust with its customers. People are often skeptical when it comes to managing their money online, and they want to be sure that their funds are safe and secure. Therefore, creating a brand identity that conveys trust, reliability, and security is critical for building a strong customer base.


To build trust with customers, financial services companies should focus on creating a brand identity that conveys transparency, security, and reliability. This can be achieved through messaging that highlights the company's commitment to security and data protection, as well as by using design elements such as a professional color palette and clean, modern visuals.

Site and product

Intuitive user interface, robust security features, and easy access to a range of financial solutions

Mynt Visual Identity Case Devices
Mynt Visual Identity Case Application
Mynt Visual Identity Case Card

Mynt Sans Display

We created a unique font with Universal Sans 2.0. Mynt Sans Display has a clean and modern look and a slightly condensed letter spacing to optimize legibility.

Mynt Visual Identity Case Custom Font 1
Mynt Visual Identity Case Font and ColorsMynt Visual Identity Case Buttons


Soft, natural lighting and muted color palettes that emphasize warmth and authenticity

Mynt Visual Identity Case Photography Tablet
Mynt Visual Identity Case Photography Working
Mynt Visual Identity Case Interface

Mynt Credit Card

Visually appealing, with a clean and simple layout that emphasize the logo and brand colors

Mynt Visual Identity Case Card1Mynt Visual Identity Case Card 2Mynt Visual Identity Case Card 3
Mynt Visual Identity Case Card and Interface
Mynt Visual Identity Case Apple Pay
Mynt Visual Identity Case Marketing
Mynt Visual Identity Case Bag
Mynt Visual Identity Case Print

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