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Sana Labs
Digital design system


We've been collaborating with Sana Labs since the very beginning, and we take immense pride and satisfaction in witnessing their remarkable evolution as a company. This particular project aimed to elevate their web presence, focusing on both design enhancements and streamlining the overall management for greater efficiency.


Thanks to Stockholm Design Lab their current brand identity looks amazing and that of course includes the web design. Our challenge in this project was to preserve the legacy and contemporize the web design and the entire module system for the site. This of course included a migration to one of our favourite tools, Webflow.


We modernized the website, focusing not only on enhancing its visual appeal but also on improving user-friendliness. We did this by organizing the content better using Webflow and their CMS. We also created a module library and extensive style guides to make everything look and work well together.

Web design, extensive web guidelines and module library created for Sana Labs.
We always use fluid responsive design. Meaning we use relative units. This allows the layout to adjust proportionally to the screen size.
On May 31, Sana Labs  gathered some of the world’s leading AI experts, executives, and researchers to explore our AI-infused future.

We helped them with some nice product animations.

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