Gårdsfisk – The future of fishfarming

December 20, 2021

They bought a dilapidated farm with a vision: to grow environmentally smart fish on land in Swedish agriculture. Now the "strange fish guys" behind the company Gårdsfisk will take up the fight with the Norwegians. Is this how Sweden becomes the greatest on farmed fish? Nice article in DN about our client Gårdsfisk. We have developed their brand identity and packaging design.

Pioneering the Fish Farming Industry

We are excited to share news about Gårdsfisk, a visionary company that is revolutionizing fish farming with its environmentally sustainable approach. With a bold vision to grow fish on land within the Swedish agricultural landscape, Gårdsfisk embarked on a remarkable journey, transforming a dilapidated farm into a thriving hub of environmentally smart fish production. The passionate individuals behind Gårdsfisk, affectionately referred to as the "strange fish guys", are poised to challenge the traditional Norwegian fish farming methods and position Sweden as a leading player in farmed fish production.

Discover the DN Article and Our Contributions

To gain further insight into Gårdsfisk's inspiring mission and their endeavor to redefine fish farming, we encourage you to read the article in DN (Dagens Nyheter). This article provides valuable context and sheds light on the transformative potential of Gårdsfisk's innovative approach.

Transforming Fish Farming with Environmental Intelligence

Gårdsfisk's commitment to environmental sustainability is at the heart of their revolutionary approach. By growing fish on land within the Swedish agricultural landscape, they have overcome many of the challenges associated with traditional fish farming methods, such as water pollution and disease outbreaks. Gårdsfisk's environmentally smart fish production not only reduces the ecological impact but also ensures the highest quality and safety standards for consumers.

Gårdsfisk's Brand Identity and Packaging Design

Collaborating closely with the Gårdsfisk team, E&W Design Studio developed a brand identity and packaging design that captures the essence of their environmentally conscious fish farming practices. Our aim was to create a visual identity that reflects Gårdsfisk's dedication to sustainability, innovation, and superior quality.

The Gårdsfisk brand identity combines elements of nature and their fish, conveying their commitment to environmental intelligence and their commitment to the fish farming techniques. The packaging design showcases the uniqueness of Gårdsfisk's product and creates an emotional connection with consumers, communicating the story behind each sustainably grown fish.

Try the Fish Farming Revolution

We invite you to join Gårdsfisk in their groundbreaking journey to redefine fish farming and position Sweden as a frontrunner in sustainable aquaculture. Experience the superior taste and environmental benefits of their environmentally smart fish, contributing to a more sustainable future for our planet. You find Gårdsfisk in your favourite grociery store.

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