Stabelo gets new investments

May 4, 2022

Financial legend Sven Hagströmer's investment company Creades joins mortgage challenger Stabelo. "The market for mortgages is gigantic," says Creade's CEO John Hedberg. Read more about Stabelo in the Breakit article and check out the case page to see how we helped them.

Redefining the Mortgage Experience with Digital Simplicity and Customer Focus

We are excited to share news about Stabelo, a groundbreaking mortgage company that is transforming the industry with its digital, user-friendly approach. Founded on the core belief that mortgages should be simple, accessible, and customer-centric, Stabelo has been making waves in the market. In partnership with Stabelo, we at E&W Design Studui had the privilege of supporting their journey by developing their brand identity and associated resources.

New Investments Empower Stabelo's Growth

Stabelo's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has attracted the attention of esteemed investors. Creades, the investment company led by financial legend Sven Hagströmer, has joined forces with Stabelo to fuel their growth. With their expertise and financial backing, Creades recognizes the immense potential in the mortgage market and is excited to support Stabelo in their mission to revolutionize the industry. John Hedberg, CEO of Creades, emphasizes the vast opportunities within the mortgage market and the value of Stabelo's approach.

Breakit Article and Our Case Page

To delve deeper into Stabelo's journey and the positive impact they are making, we invite you to read the Breakit article. It sheds light on the latest developments and insights regarding Stabelo's partnership with Creades, providing valuable context on their vision and trajectory. Additionally, we encourage you to visit our case page, where you can explore how our design agency contributed to Stabelo's growth by crafting a compelling brand identity.

Crafting the Stabelo Brand Identity

We at E&W Design Studio worked closely with the Stabelo team to create a brand identity that reflects their core values and resonates with their target audience. With a focus on simplicity, accessibility, and customer satisfaction, we developed a visual identity that communicates trust, innovation, and modernity.The Stabelo brand identity combines sleek and contemporary design elements to evoke a sense of confidence and professionalism. From the carefully selected color palette to the typography and imagery, every aspect was meticulously crafted to align with Stabelo's commitment to delivering a seamless and customer-friendly mortgage experience.

Stabelo and the Mortgage Revolution

We encourage you to follow Stabelo's journey as they redefine the mortgage landscape with their digital-first approach and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Discover firsthand how Stabelo's innovative solutions are simplifying the mortgage process and empowering individuals and families to achieve their homeownership dreams.

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