Open Payments is untangling businesses

May 10, 2022

The Swedish company Open Payments has built an open platform where companies can connect with banks and other financial players for better and more secure transactions. Read about them in DI or on our case page to see how we helped Open Payments build their brand identity and web site.

Simplifying Business Transactions

We are delighted to highlight the remarkable work of Open Payments, a Swedish company that has successfully developed an open platform revolutionizing the way businesses connect with banks and other financial players. Open Payments' innovative solution enables companies to enhance their transactions, fostering improved efficiency, security, and seamless connectivity. E&W Design Studio had the privilege of collaborating with Open Payments to create their brand identity and website, reflecting their vision and expertise.

Untangling Businesses with Open Payments

Open Payments addresses the complexities businesses often face when interacting with banks and financial institutions. By leveraging the power of open banking, Open Payments has built a platform that simplifies and streamlines these transactions, making them more efficient and secure. This forward-thinking approach allows businesses to focus on their core operations while enjoying enhanced financial connectivity.

Open Payments Brand Identity and Website

Working closely with the Open Payments team, our design agency embarked on an exciting journey to develop a brand identity and website that captures the essence of their innovative platform. We aimed to create a visual identity that embodies trust, security, and technological advancement.

The Open Payments brand identity showcases a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and professionalism. The carefully selected color palette, typography, and imagery convey Open Payments' commitment to simplifying complex financial processes. Our collaborative process extended to the creation of a website that seamlessly integrates their brand identity while providing a user-friendly experience for visitors to explore Open Payments' platform and its features.

Explore Open Payments

To gain deeper insights into Open Payments and their impact on the business landscape, we invite you to read about them in DI (Dagens Industri) or visit our case page. Discover firsthand how Open Payments' open platform is transforming transactions, fostering better connectivity, and improving the overall financial experience for businesses.

Partnering for Success

We are proud to have collaborated with Open Payments to develop their brand identity and website, showcasing their vision and technological prowess. We at E&W Design Studio are dedicated to creating exceptional solutions that elevate our clients' brands and enable them to achieve their goals.

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