Medoma – The future of healthcare

February 21, 2022

Medoma wants to care for patients at home and will, among other things, develop its own software for patient monitoring. Sven Hagströmer, Josefin Landgård and Sophia Bendz are some of the investors who have invested in the company. Read article on Breakit and check out our case page.

Pioneering the Future of Healthcare

We are thrilled to share groundbreaking news about Medoma, a visionary company that is reshaping the healthcare landscape by providing personalized medical care in the comfort of patients' homes. Medoma's innovative approach includes the development of their own software for patient monitoring, setting new standards for efficient and effective healthcare delivery. This ambitious endeavor has attracted notable investors such as Sven Hagströmer, Josefin Landgård, and Sophia Bendz, who recognize Medoma's potential to revolutionize the industry.

Breakit Article and Our Case Page

To delve deeper into Medoma's pioneering work and the impact they are making, we encourage you to read the article on Breakit. This article offers valuable insights into Medoma's mission and highlights the involvement of prominent investors. Additionally, we invite you to visit our case page, where you can explore how our design agency collaborated with Medoma to create their compelling brand identity and associated resources.

Transforming Healthcare, One Home at a Time

Medoma's vision is centered around delivering high-quality medical care directly to patients in the familiar surroundings of their own homes. By leveraging advanced software for patient monitoring, Medoma ensures seamless and comprehensive healthcare services, tailored to the specific needs of each individual. This patient-centric approach aims to improve patient outcomes, enhance convenience, and optimize the overall healthcare experience.

Crafting the Medoma Brand Identity

We at E&W Design Studio had the privilege of working closely with the Medoma team to develop a brand identity that captures their commitment to personalized, home-based healthcare. Our goal was to create a visual identity that communicates trust, compassion, and technological sophistication.

The Medoma brand identity showcases a harmonious fusion of contemporary design elements and medical symbolism. The carefully chosen color palette, typography, and imagery embody Medoma's dedication to providing compassionate care while leveraging cutting-edge technology. Through our collaborative process, we aimed to reflect Medoma's mission to transform healthcare delivery with a human touch.

Medoma Transforming Healthcare

We invite you to join Medoma on their transformative healthcare journey and witness firsthand the positive impact they are making on patients' lives. Discover the innovative software solutions they are developing for patient monitoring and explore the comprehensive range of healthcare services they provide within the comfort of patients' homes.

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