Our client: Sana Labs raises an additional $28 million

September 20, 2023

In May, Sana (Sana Labs) secured an additional $28 million. The valuation is simultaneously increased from 2 to 2.5 billion Swedish kronor.We have been working with Sana since the start, and we are always equally happy and proud when things go well for our customers. Congratulations, Joel! Please see our latest design tribute to the fast growing venture in the case link below👇🏻

"Sana, the AI-powered learning platform, just secured an extra $28 million in funding. NEA led this investment round, with Workday Ventures also chipping in. With a total of $62 million in Series B funding, Sana is now one of the most well-funded AI companies around.

Sana's goal is to make people smarter with AI. They've created a unique product that combines features of enterprise search, a learning system, meeting tools, and a knowledge system all in one platform.

At the heart of this platform is Sana AI, a helpful assistant that can do various tasks, like searching across all your company's apps, following voice commands, summarizing live meetings, creating entire learning courses, and even writing SQL queries. It's like having ChatGPT for your company's knowledge.

Sana's AI boosts an organization's ability to gather, organize, and access knowledge using AI. This helps teams work faster and smarter, whether it's sales, customer support, product specialists, or software engineers.

Joel Hellermark, Sana's founder and CEO, said, "We believe an organization's success depends on its collective intelligence, which relies on knowledge. AI unlocks knowledge for every employee, driving global progress."

Sana wasn't seeking funding when NEA offered it. They had already raised $34 million in a Series B round last December. The interest from investors is due to their impressive 3x year-over-year growth.

NEA will have a say on Sana's board through CEO Scott Sandell and Managing Director Philip Chopin. Scott Sandell, known for his role in businesses like Robinhood and Salesforce, sees great potential for Sana in becoming the go-to AI platform for businesses.

Apart from strong growth and a dedicated team, Sana's excellent user experience and product innovation have won them praise from clients like Merck, Kry/Livi, and Svea Solar.

Sana plans to use the additional funds to expand its product development and commercial teams in Stockholm, London, and New York, while keeping its headquarters in Stockholm. Founder Joel Hellermark started the company at 19, six years after learning to code in C.

Philip Chopin, Managing Director at NEA UK, summed it up, "Joel is an exceptional founder. With AI on the rise, we believe Sana is on track to become one of the world's most successful AI companies.